Does root canal treatment hurt?

Many people associate root canal treatment with pain because the symptoms can be severe. Toothache and pain may keep you awake at night and cause missed time at work. In reality, root canals save teeth that would otherwise require extraction. Our dentists at Randwick Dental Care provide root canals with minimal discomfort.

We use the latest techniques to ensure all procedures are performed comfortably and efficiently. We will anaesthetize the area, and the root canal therapy procedure will feel similar to a standard filling. We use modern, titanium rotary dental instruments making root canal treatment faster and with superior results. The flexible tips clean tooth canals thoroughly without damaging the roots.

You will likely feel dramatic improvement immediately after your appointment. Though some residual sensitivity will remain for a few days, you should gradually feel better each day until your tooth heals completely.

When you come back for your follow-up exam, we will discuss a permanent restoration to protect your tooth. We typically recommend a dental crown, which will add stability to your tooth and protect it from fractures or breaking down.

If you suspect you need a root canal and live in Randwick or the surrounding communities, we invite you to arrange an appointment where we will help you regain your oral health. We strive to treat dental emergencies on the same day.