General Dentistry

At Randwick Dental Care, our team will provide you with a broad range of services to keep your smile at its best!

Preventative Dentistry

Preventative care consists of Dr Brendan Scott examining each tooth, cleaning away any germs or plaque and sometimes taking x-rays. As prevention is better than a cure, we recommend regular dental check-ups. Your dentist can provide you with advice on brushing, flossing and diet to keep your smile at its best.

The Benefits of a Clean

Over time, bacteria (or plaque) build up in your mouth and secrete acids that damage your teeth and cause decay. This plaque then becomes hardened by the minerals naturally found in your saliva and sticks like cement to your teeth. This makes it very hard to brush and floss, and it also irritates your gums, which is called gingivitis (gum inflammation). Dentists have specialised instruments to remove this material so that your teeth and gums can heal and be healthy again.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Check-Up and Clean?

A visit to us every six months is a vital part of maintaining a healthy mouth. Every smile is different, and so sometimes your dentist will advise returning sooner or longer than six months, but they will discuss this after examining your teeth.

Dental X-Rays

Since your dentist doesn’t have x-ray vision, they may advise updating x-rays. These provide useful information as it shows how healthy the inside of each tooth is, if any old fillings are breaking down and any other pathology around your teeth. 

Often symptoms of tooth decay don’t appear until it has become advanced. Your dentist will only advise that x-rays should be taken if they are needed.








It’s been a long time since I last went to the dentist!

Don’t be concerned; our dentists are very professional. You will feel welcomed, comfortable and glad that you’ve made an appointment. So call today to book an appointment to see us at a time convenient to you.

I’m terrified! Won’t it hurt?

Your dental visit will be comfortable and relaxed.

Tooth Fillings

What’s a filling?

Dr Scott uses fillings to fix teeth after damage by tooth decay or holes. The aim of a filling is to replace lost tooth structure and restore normal function. Your dentist ensures there is only healthy tooth remaining before placing a filling. 

Will people see my filling?

The majority of the fillings we do are tooth-coloured. We have many different shades that we can choose from so that we can match your natural tooth colour. Sometimes we use silver amalgam fillings, but your dentist will discuss this with you.

Why are fillings replaced?

Over time, fillings have wear and tear or sometimes break. When this happens, your dentist will talk to you about it as well as whether it needs replacing or not. Dental x-rays are useful because they show your dentist if any decay has started in areas that they can’t see, such as under a filling.

We Welcome Your Call

If it is time for your next dental appointment, we invite you to contact Randwick Dental Care to arrange a booking. We look forward to helping you enjoy a healthy smile.