Emergency Dental Visits

A sudden toothache or unexplained dental pain can be alarming. Not to mention the negative impact it can have on work schedules and holiday plans. At Randwick Dental Care, we strive to treat dental emergencies on the same day to relieve pain and help you get back to important activities.

Identifying a Dental Emergency

Vague or intermittent pain may cause you to question if an emergency dental visit is absolutely necessary. Rather than guessing, you are welcome to contact our dental surgery to discuss your symptoms with one of our knowledgeable team members. We will help you determine if you could benefit from immediate dental care or if it can wait until a more convenient time.

Common Signs Indicating a Dental Emergency

If you have an auto or sporting accident and suspect a serious head, neck or back injury, contact emergency medical services on 000 or proceed to the nearest hospital to rule out any serious injury.

Dental emergency symptoms:

  • Toothache or pain
  • Swelling of the jaw, gums, face or neck
  • Avulsed (knocked-out) tooth
  • Mobile tooth
  • Discoloured tooth
  • Pain or pressure when chewing
  • Broken or lost dental crowns, fillings or veneers

Dental pain rarely resolves without professional treatment and will often worsen with time, which is why immediate attention is recommended to restore oral health and comfort.

Your Emergency Dental Visit

When you arrive at our dental clinic for emergency dentistry, we will perform a problem-focused exam to determine the cause of your pain. Our dentists will evaluate the area and may require a dental x-ray to determine what is happening beneath the enamel and gums.

In many cases, we can complete your dental care in a single visit. More complicated procedures may require a follow-up dental appointment.

Once our dentists make a diagnosis, they will present treatment options to restore good oral health and function. If you are not currently a regular patient in our dental surgery, we will invite you back for follow-up dental care and a new patient exam.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Preventative dental check-ups and cleans give our dental team an opportunity to identify oral conditions before they become problematic and painful. Digital dental radiography produces high-resolution images for early diagnosis and the opportunity to treat them before dental emergencies arise.

A small investment in prevention helps you spend less time in the chair overall.

A Toothache Is a Real Pain

Don’t take the risk that dental pain will get better by itself. We reserve time in our daily schedules to treat dental emergencies. We welcome you to contact us at the first sign of trouble. Our gentle approach to dentistry is the reason our patients keep coming back year after year.