Dental Crowns and Bridges

Broken and missing teeth can complicate simple daily activities, such as speaking and chewing, making it awkward or uncomfortable. A missing tooth leaves a gap in the smile, which may cause a negative impact on self-confidence. 

Repairing and replacing missing teeth makes it possible to eat and smile confidently again. 

At our Randwick dental clinic, our experienced dentists design dental restorations to improve aesthetics and the functional strength of teeth. We will always present every treatment option available, respecting that all treatment is the patient's choice.

Dental Crowns to Strengthen Teeth

A broken, deeply decayed or worn tooth can benefit from a dental crown to restore its shape and function. Dental crowns completely cover the tooth structure above the gumline, like a protective helmet. In many cases, we use natural tooth-coloured ceramic to complement the smile. Dental crowns are also available in ceramic and metal blends and full gold, depending on the patient’s unique needs.

Dental crowns also stabilise teeth following root canal treatment, as the tooth will be more brittle once the pulp is removed. A crown absorbs the force from chewing, protecting the tooth structure beneath and leaving the root intact.

Custom Dental Crowns

We believe dental procedures can be comfortable and will always begin by completely anaesthetising the area. Our dentists are gentle and communicate well with patients throughout the procedure.

After a dental exam, x-ray and intraoral photos, our dentists will determine if a dental crown is advised. We will remove decay, damaged tooth structure and take an impression to provide our trusted local dental lab with the information necessary to custom-design the dental crown.

A temporary crown will protect the tooth until the final dental crown arrives. When placing your final restoration, we will permanently bond the crown to the tooth and make precision adjustments to ensure proper fit and function.

Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth

Facing a dental extraction raises a number of questions about your smile’s appearance and health. When patients want an alternative to dental implant treatment, a fixed dental bridge can fill the gap and make chewing and speaking feel natural again.

Fixed dental bridges require one or two dental crowns on healthy adjacent teeth to anchor an artificial tooth to fill the gap. Dental bridges are made of durable and highly aesthetic ceramic, with colour and shading to match your natural teeth. 

Like dental crowns, we will perform an exam and present your treatment options, so that your results match your lifestyle and oral health requirements.

We Make Smiles Beautiful Again

Don’t let painful and missing teeth keep you from enjoying life’s memorable moments. Our Randwick Dental Care team is here to help you achieve the smile you deserve with comprehensive dentistry for every smile.

We invite you to get in touch to arrange an appointment with Dr Darren Scott, Dr Alexander Zogheb, Dr Sean Dersch, Dr Brendan Scott or Dr Emma Maxwell today. We warmly welcome new patients.